Mobile Car Detailing

Just leave your car in your driveway. We'll come to you.

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Interior Detailing

Starting at $80 (2h)
  • Deep vacuuming
  • Steam cleaning
  • Window cleaning (interior, exterior)
  • Leather treatment
  • Surface conditioning
  • Add-on (+$20): Seat shampoo 
  • SUVs, Trucks, Vans +$20

Exterior Detailing

Starting at $50 (1h)
  • Powerwash rinse
  • Window cleaning (interior, exterior)
  • Gentle handwash of all surfaces
  • Iron removal
  • Sealant finish for protection

In & Out

Starting at $130 (3h)
  • Interior + Exterior
  • Exterior wash
  • Deep vacuum
  • Steam cleaning
  • Window cleaning (interior, exterior)
  • Add-on (+$20): Seat shampoo
  • SUVs, Trucks, Vans +$20 


$100 (2h)
  • Add-on to exterior detailing
  • Remove scratches, swirl marks and imperfections from paint
  • Not always recommended. Read more here.

Headlight Restoration

$50 (30m)
  • Restore yellowed, fading headlights from UV damage
  • Protected for future use
  • Essential not only for aesthetics, but headlight effectiveness.

Subscription Available

Subscription plans are available which discount all services. Some example plans include:

  • Weekly Exterior Detailing ($40)
  • Bi-weekly In & Out ($100)

Additionally, one randomly selected subscription member will get 1 free exterior detail a month! To inquire, please ask in person during your appointment time.

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